Tarbiyah Department Facilities


It is a supporting laboratory for Tarbiyah teaching-learning process. It is organizing practicum not only for students to be good class teachers (methodical, competent, information technology illiterate for learning, and characterized teachers), but also for dakwah communication to prepare reliable dakwah human resources. The laboratory also organizes various training, workshop, research, and studies for the development of theories, learning model/technology, etc. Therefore, the laboratory is equipped with micro teaching class and dakwah communication room along with its instruments.


Tarbiyah Department (Islamic Education Study Program) Faculty of Islamic Studies University of Muhammadiyah Malang in its mission statement mentions three things: first, organizing undergraduate education (S1) based on research as a foothold for Islamic studies development and Islamic education. Second, developing students' methodological ability in studying and researching in the field of Islam and education. Third, developing students' skills which support educational professions.

From the missions, the Tarbiyah Department expects to be able producing Islamic Bachelors who have intellectual and moral integrity according to their discipline with the following qualifications: a) mastering Islamic sciences, normatively and historically, and implementing in daily and public lifes; b) mastering Islamic education sciences; concept, theory, and practice; and c) mastering basic methodologies to develop Isolamic sciences and Islamic education.

To reach the goals, Tarbiyah Dept. must provide conducive knowledge and learning process for the academic community (readd: lecturers and students) in developing scientific integrity, Islamic integrity, research, and community service. One of the aceademic supporting facilities to create conducive learning environment is education laboratory.

Although it is jjust a supporting element of academic activities, the laboratory in a higher education isntitution is a must (conditio sine quanon). It is because first, laboratory is a center for disciplines, technologies, and particular arts, place for academic authority and integrity are developed. Second, functionally, the organization on all academic activities in a university must be based on laboratory; and third, laboratory is a facility for students to be easier in understanding problems faced in the classrooms as well as improving their skills in doing something. Therefore, the laboratory of Tarbiyah was built.

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